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Accompaniment: Erik Nielsen, piano - Joseph Robinson of The Double Reed says of Elaine Douvas in this recording: ""Eschewing overt expression in favor of implication and subtlety, she offers performances that are stylish and full of passion and conviction to be sure, but which, like all great art, withstand and reward the most careful scrutiny?.Expert phrasing and articulation by Elaine Douvas in this album demonstrate persuasively that the pieces she has chosen are sufficient to challenge the finest player's imagination, discipline and instrumental skill."" This album is a delight for any oboist and again contains a rich collection of music from many periods, from Telemann to Hindemith. - Includes a complete solo part printed on high-quality ivory paper, annotated with performance suggestions and a compact disc with complete versions (with soloist) followed by piano accompaniments to each piece, minus the soloist.

Inhaltsverzeichnis: Piece in G minor:
Hindemith, Paul: Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1938): I. 'Munter'
Barlow, Jeremy: The Winter's Passed
Nielsen, Carl: Humoresque
Nielsen, Carl: Romance
Head, Michael: Presto
Head, Michael: Elegiac Dance
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Presto
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Andante
Corelli, Arcangelo; arr. Barbirolli: Concerto for Oboe & Strings (I. Preludio; II. Allemanda; III. Giga)
Pierné, Gabriel: Piece in G minor